This WP will be lead by the Uganda National Health Research Organisation and the Uganda Virus Research Institue.

WP6 is the other cross-cutting WP, and will be responsible for the general coordination of the network activities and ensuring that the WPs adhere to the contractual obligations of the grant agreement. The WP will also be responsible for the communication and stakeholder engagement activities. This will ensure smooth communication between the WPs, active engagement and involvement of key external stakeholders such as the EDCTP, Africa CDC and WHO-AFRO, the national ministries of health among others.

Main objective of this work package is: 

To provide support, coordinate and manage project activities. 

Specific objectives: 

  1. To Ensure compliance with the contractual obligations as laid down in the grant agreement and consortium agreement 
  2. To facilitate transparent clear communication and decision making with in the consortium as set out in the communication plan
  3. To ensure timely financial and technical reporting to EDCTP 
  4. To ensure active engagement and linkages with the other EDCTP funded consortia including the Networks of Excellence