This WP will be led by NIMR Muhimbili.

The main aim of this work package will be to strengthen EACCR Network of Excellence to conduct high quality clinical trials on TB and TB comorbidities. Specifically, in this work package, we intend to build human capacity to conduct highly quality clinical trials on TB and TB comorbidities. In addition, the work package will also focus on grant applications and conducting trials needed for better management and treatment of TB and TB comorbidities. TB work package will be coordinated by a secretariat based at NIMR Muhimbili, and will have a country coordinator based in other five Eastern Africa countries. 

Under this WP, one Postdoc, one PhD, and five masters on TB clinical research will be recruited across the network. We will strengthen mentorship and supervision program to engage a cascade and linkage of supervision involving senior researchers and faculties, postdocs, PhD and master fellows, focusing on each identified research thematic area. 

Specific objectives

  1. To establish Tuberculosis WP as part of a sustainable network of excellence (NoE) for TB clinical research 
  2. To strengthen human capacity in conducting high quality clinical trials in TB HIV coinfection and other comorbidities including COVID-19
  3. To strengthen a scalable, GCP compliant, robust statistics and data management platform 
  4. To strengthen and strategically expand South-South and North-South collaborations in TB and HIV coinfection research