It will be hosted at the Kenya Medical Research Institute, Centre for global health research (KEMRI/CGHR), Kisumu led by Dr Erick Muok

 Specifically, in this work package, we intend to build human capacity both through short term and long term trainings with short term trainings targeting new technologies that would be useful in combating emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases like COVID 19 while long term trainings will involve three PhD studentships mentored by senior researchers to conduct research focused on joint and less costly in-country trials aimed at generating preliminary data that would allow for applications for major clinical trials - including capturing progress, new gaps/needs for bigger trials. In addition, the work package will also focus on grant applications and conducting trials on COVID 19 and other co morbidities, Schistosomiasis, Dengue/Chikungunya among others. The WP will link with external stakeholders such as Africa CDC and WHO-AFRO to conduct COVID 19 sero surveillance and Genomics in the region.

Main objective of this work package is:

To strengthen capacity to conduct high quality clinical trials on NIDs, emerging and re-emerging diseases

Specific objectives:

  1. To strengthen the newly established coordination office by recruiting the required staff at the WP to plan and implement planned activities by month 6 of project implementation 
  2. To conduct quarterly meetings and report progress in six monthly meetings of implementation committee 
  3. To focus on building evidence for conducting clinical trials on NID, emerging and re-emerging infections 
  4. To build human capacity to conduct high quality clinical trials on NID, emerging and re-emerging infections through Node specific trainings both short and Long term trainings in collaboration with the Training WP