This WP3 will be hosted at Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI) and led by Prof. Reginald Kavishe who is the overall training coordinator for EACCR3.

WP3 is a cross cutting WP which will support all the training activities of the disease based WPs to deliver objective three of the consortium: To deliver a training and mentorship program whose aim is to increase and retain African researchers, research leaders and managers to conduct ICH-GCP trials as well as write and win competitive grants.

The WP will achieve this through short and long term courses, as well as skills building through placements and mentorships. 

Special attention will be laid on building a network of mentors who will provide mentorship to junior scientists. This network of mentors will be composed of the senior scientists in the network (both south and north), who will be paired up with junior scientists (early post docs, PhD and MSc) for support both in the conduct and management of research. Some of the junior researchers will take lead on the small studies that will be implemented in objective two of the project.

Main objective of this work package is: 

To deliver a training and mentorship program promoting an increase and retention of the independent African researchers, research leaders and managers to conduct internationally-competitive clinical trials. 

Specific objectives: 

  1. To build specific competences necessary for bridging existing gaps in expertise for the conduct of clinical studies/trials, through well-designed short courses and workshops
  2. To leverage the existing partnership and capacities within the network, and in collaboration with other NOEs to train a critical mass of scientists at MSc, PhD and Postdoc level
  3. To strengthen the EACCR CRA training through establishment of a CRA training and mentorship short course curriculum, for sustainable training and accreditation of Eastern African CRAs
  4. To provide high-quality supervision and mentorship support to MSc, PhD and Postdoc fellows across the network