This work package will be hosted at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust programme in Kilifi, Kenya led by Dr Norbert Peshu.

The WP proposes to conduct studies that describe the epidemiology of malaria and initiate a surveillance system both at the community level and at specific selected hospitals. We hope to understand the clinical presentation and other characteristics of malaria transmission in addition to determining the genetic diversity of Plasmodium falciparum and parasitaemia levels. 

To understand the epidemiology of malaria along international borders we will to carry out work along the Kenya-Tanzania border and the Ethiopia -South Sudan border. Resistance of malaria vectors to the common insecticides used for vector control interventions threatens malaria prevention and control efforts. We will assess the influence of parasite and vector genetic variation on malaria control in Eastern Africa, specifically, looking at vector species composition and abundance, sporozoite infection rate and insecticide resistance.  

Treatment efficacy studies on the current antimalarial drugs will be done in collaboration with the various ministry of Health departments. We hope to carry out epidemiological work to determine the prevalence of gametocytemia among pregnant mothers taking SP. 

In addition, we will be looking at the effect of SAR-COV-2(COVID-19) on pregnancy outcome, particularly in areas with high SP resistance. The effect of COVID-19 infection in pregnancy is not completely known because of the lack of reliable data.

Main objective of this work package is: 

To build capacity for conducting ICH-GCP Malaria research in the Eastern Africa region

Specific objectives: 

  1. To provide support, coordinate and report malaria work package activities. 
  2. To initiate malaria research activities that will form the basis for PhD and masters training for Eastern Africa region members through training and mentorship programme. 
  3. To create awareness and obtain community, policy makers and regulatory authorities buy-in for malaria research activities.