The WP will be hosted at Uganda Virus Research Institute and led by Dr Bernard Kikaire.

The WP will purpose building a sustainable network of HIV researchers with capacity to conduct ICP/GCCP research through the excellent WP management and support to conduct three short studies in HIV including research studies in non communicable disease and COVID-19 across the region.

The WP will focus on HIV over the life course. In adults and elderly, the WP will aim to improve the care of persons living with HIV especially those with Co morbidities; in adults and children, we intend to explore the use of digital technologies to improve care and pharmacovigilance, while in adolescents, our focus will be on HIV prevention. 

The implementation of the activities of the network will be by junior researchers who will be supported and mentored by the senior researchers in the WP. We also plan to provide competitive small grants to three junior researchers. The aim of these small grants will be to build capacity of junior researchers to write and implement grants. Together with the Training WP (WP3), we shall support both short term and long term trainings.

General Objective 

To build capacity for conducting ICH-GCP HIV research in the Eastern Africa region 

Specific objectives: 

  1. To provide support, coordinate and manage WP activities.
  2. To build a research platform that will support ICH-GCP HIV research 
  3. To provide training and mentorship to junior HIV researchers and support them on their research career path. 
  4. To provide support for data management in sites where clinical trials on HIV are conducted in the network 
  5. To work with communities, policy makers and regulatory authorities in the region