Dr. Mfinanga is a medical doctor and epidemiologist with a degree in medicine and a Ph.D. in medical epidemiology, both of which focus on tuberculosis and HIV. He is the Director and Chief Research Scientist for the NIMR Muhimbili Centre and holds several academic positions, including honorary professor of global health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and adjunct professor at the Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology. 
Mfinanga has published over 100 scientific articles, many of which have influenced national and global policies on the management, prevention, and control of TB and HIV. He has also conducted research on a variety of other scientific topics, including non-communicable diseases, zoonosis, maternal and child health, and immunizations. 
Mfinanga is involved in leading several scientific research networks in Africa and holds positions as deputy director for the UK NIHR Global Health Research Group on the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases and HIV in Africa, deputy director for the Afrique One ASPIRE consortium, and coordinator of the TB node of excellence in East Africa under the East Africa Consortium for Clinical Research.
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