What is EACCR?

The East African Consortium for Clinical Research (EACCR) is a capacity building Network comprising of 23 institutions from 6 countries in East Africa and 8 northern partner institutions from 5 northern countries and is funded by the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). The network was established in 2009 with EACCR1 and had their award renewed in December 2016 as EACCR2. The EACCR2 consortium has its secretariat at the Ministry of Health-Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe. Activities of the EACCR2 are implemented in 23 institutions from 6 Eastern Africa countries that include: - Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan and Ethiopia in collaboration with 6 Northern partners.  

“We envisage EACCR becoming a key regional platform for dissemination of research findings, higher-level advocacy and research excellence,” said the EACCR representative, adding that a crucial aspect of the consortium will be “the emergence of a critical mass of skilled scientists in the region.”

Aims and objectives

a)  To strengthen the collaboration and optimize the use of shared research infrastructures and other capacity building resources and opportunities

b)  To establish a new node (NID) to manage and establish the needed facilities to conduct clinical trials on neglected, emerging and re-emerging disease that burden the region

c)  To boost and deliver an Eastern Africa training and mentorship program.

d)  Promoting an increase and retention of independent African researchers, research leaders and managers to conduct internationally-competitive clinical trials.

e)  To strengthen and strategically expand South-South and North-South collaborations between researchers and institutions with a specific focus on supporting less established institutions in building capacity for high quality clinical research. 

f)  To promote networking, and dialogue between researchers, communities and policy makers to maximize the use of health research evidence for shared knowledge management, policy change and improved health programming in Eastern Africa.

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