HIV-AIDS is a security threat of great public health concern in EACCR. This Node is where HIV-specific networking and research capacity-building activities will be handled/implemented. The HIV Node is located at Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) and is led by a Coordinator, Dr. Bernard Kikaire. He is supported by the Project Implementation Committee which guides and oversees the operations of this node.

The broad aim for this Node is to strengthen capacity and networking in the East African region in the conduct of best practices and clinical trials on HIV/AIDS amongst partner institutions.

This will be done through:

  • Exposing personnel to both short- and long- term training opportunities (both professional and academic enhancing) offered within the network umbrella to fill existing institutional expertise gaps

  • Organising exchange visits to share best practices among personnel from Node affiliated institutions

  • Establishing a Node mentorship scheme

  • Piloting a reciprocal clinical monitoring scheme

  • Developing formal systems for sharing information on HIV-specific issues in the network

  • Exploring opportunities for joint research applications to enhance linkages, collaborations and securing of additional funding

  • Promoting infrastructural upgrades and improving HIV research skills in up-coming sister institutions 


Uganda Virus Research Institute